This is where some witty quote goes.

If I made more money I might be able to hire a decent writer for this bloody website.

But now, seriously, we both know why you clicked on the "about me" section. To fast scroll through all of my "accomplishment" buttons I made myself in photoshop and read some incredible story about how I picked up a camera at 4 years old and have been slanging bitchin' photographs since.

That's simply not the case, my friend.

I picked up a camera for the first time at nearly 20 years old and ran with it. My gear has served me well over the years, making me just enough scratch to avoid picking up a real job.

Which brings me to the only sentimental paragraph in this painfully mediocre auto-biography:

When I'm shooting, I feel the most free in my life. I am at peace with the fact that my coffee spilled all over my new blouse, that my neighbor's POS labradoodle won't stop barking at 5am, that my DIY pinterest projects always come out looking like shit, it all slips to the wayside when I'm behind the lens.

This is why I became a photographer.

I do what I love, and love what I do.

So check out my portfolio above to see what I'm usually clicking at.

God speed.


Shots Taken


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Romantic Comedies Watched


sense of accomplishment

I love my clients.