It’s your big day and you have everything planned from the decorations down to where you have to be at what time. But did you remember to pack the small things?

Wedding day essentials can be the difference between making your day more comfortable, rather than sending people to go out on last minute errands and waiting impatiently for them to return. The bride and groom will each need a separate bag to carry these items in. Give the bag to the maid of honor and best man to keep track of. That way, when you need anything, just turn around and it will be right there waiting for you.

Bride Essentials

Breath mints or gum - You will be talking to people all day, so your mouth may get dry or a little smelly after a while.

Underwear - Just in case yours gets uncomfortable, something spills, or (hopefully not) you get your period. It is good to be prepared.

Deodorant - This is especially helpful if you get married in the summer. Although, you are going to sweat on your big day from running around and nerves no matter what.

Double Sided Tape - Make sure it is designed for fabric because this tape can hold anything together, even fabric to your skin.

Makeup - Always bring your extra makeup with you. After a long day of sweating and taking pictures, you will want to touch it up from time to time.

Hair Tools - Bobby pins, brushes, hairspray, just bring the works. The last thing you want is a bad hair day.

Groom Essentials

Lint Roller - No matter what color suit your man has, chances are they will find a way to get lint on it.

Portable Sewing Kit - These small kits can fit right in their pocket and are very handy for small rips and tears.

Stain Remover - A Tide stick or stain remover wipes can help keep your groom and his men clean throughout the day.

Deodorant - Because men sweat too.

Extras for Both of You

Copies of the Vows - Have someone not in the bridal party, such as the officiant of the ceremony, hold on to a copy of the vows just in case.

Band-Aids - The last thing you want is to bleed on a rented tux or your white wedding dress.

Safety Pins - These can be a lifesaver because they can pin fabric together, fix decorations, or anything else you can think of.

Water - Make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day. Snacks - You both need to eat lots of healthy snacks to keep your energy up.

Chapstick - Keep your lips moisturized for all of that kissing that is going to happen.

Keeping these essentials handy can make your big day go much more smoothly. When in doubt about your appearance, ask me, your photographer. My eyes are peeled for every detail of your day, especially my bride & groom.

The small things can make a big difference on your wedding day.